Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nevada and back, again

Been south to Nevada visiting and Restin'.  Had a great time, hugs and such on Father's Day + money for Archie Bray Foundation earthenware clay (ABFE), a nice red clay that takes glaze well.   Got arrived at the Passamari Studio yesterday, good driving for the 780 mile trip.  Loaded kiln for bisque firing, lots of pitchers to glaze tomorrow.   Mowed a landing strip for rc planes and flew the T-28 for a couple batteries, did repairs on the ME109 and promptly took it out and crashed it, again.  Dang, Michael would've got a kick out of watching the foam splatter around.  Here's some plane pictures  

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picture time

Mutchly the Cat in middle of her Power Nap,  Sarah's veggy bowls

New Passamari Pottery Blog

Kinda got lost in the blogosphere trying to get on the Worldwide Wonderful Wacky Web.   Thanks to my wife and daughters (and Michael..... knock knock Michael... the Matrix has you ) for putting up with my manic gifts and depressive needs.  I'm on the Path, not looking down (all the time), seems my destination is the Journey.  Shiny, let's be Artists.