Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Passamari Pottery Blog

Kinda got lost in the blogosphere trying to get on the Worldwide Wonderful Wacky Web.   Thanks to my wife and daughters (and Michael..... knock knock Michael... the Matrix has you ) for putting up with my manic gifts and depressive needs.  I'm on the Path, not looking down (all the time), seems my destination is the Journey.  Shiny, let's be Artists.


  1. I'm very much out of the loop, since school is out and I'm only checking on to my computer every other day or so. The best way to reach me is texting...but be patient waiting for my replies! Glad to share the journey, love.


  2. i left a comment but i think when the site was overhauled my comment was lost. anyhew, i like the site and the pics. keep up the good work! i have two oil paintings in progress that i'm excited to show you. keep on with the pitchers and keep posting!